FASSKA is Belgium’s largest nutritional company. Our customers and employees have a committed work ethic and are proud to be part of a trusted global company.And operating business in the 34 countries.

“FASSKA” as the largest nutritional company, we have a unique opportunity to help  address  the diverse nutrition challenges facing people across the world and in our region, from over nutrition to under nutrition including micronutrient deficiencies.

We have the capacity, and more importantly, the determination to play a positive role in contributing to the solution by embedding the right actions into our work.

We believe that good nutrition will become more and more important for both businesses and society because at the moments European Origin based companies are fighting against substandard infants milks along-with the
weapon of quality ,quality & quality infant milk formula.

Naveed Saleemi

BUM's Message

Anyone visiting Pakistan soon discovers the extraordinary sense of hospitality of the Pakistani people as well as their passion for food. It is therefore easy for a company like “FASSKA”, whose promise is to provide the best Nutritional products “BIOMIL” as our future of nation deserve as well as, indeed “FASSKA” through all its operations since 2005, is well entrenched in the Pakistani society.
“SAFI IMPEX COMPANY” is one of the top employers in Pakistan, creating jobs in the local economy and we are making humble progress connecting with our business partners, transporters, valuable customers & end users.
At the moment in Pakistan we have conveyed a message to all families realize that taking care the bodies and minds of their kids as starts from a young age, so good nutrition and healthy physical activity are foundation blocks for a healthy and productive life. We are conducting as the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company in Pakistan and around the world more than 34 countries.
I am proud to be part of this successful organization which is dedicated to doing business while living up to our Corporate Business Principles by being transparent, honest and caring for individuals and

Muhammad Saeed


 Safi impex offers a large selection of products: infant milk formulas, special infant milk formulas, infant cereals and special adult formulas. These products are successfully marketed throughout the world by a network of Exclusive Agents specialized in nutrition in the pharmaceutical field.

Safi Impex

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