Safi impex offers a large selection of products: infant milk formulas, special infant milk formulas, infant cereals and special adult formulas. These products are successfully marketed throughout the world by a network of Exclusive Agents specialized in nutrition in the pharmaceutical field.

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Supply Chain Departments:

Mission Statement:

To provide our Clients with a high level of quality services:

  • Maintain our Clients as our first priority.

  • Achieve the highest level of professional excellence in serving our Clients.

  • Provide prompt and responsive service.

  • Exceed Client's expectations by providing the highest quality of customer service.

  • Adhere to the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards in our business.

  • Maintain long-term client relationships by providing honest superior services. 

  • Lead our industry with integrity, honesty, teamwork and innovation.

  • Strive to be fair, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings.

  • Ensure that the Integrity of the Company's credentials are never compromised.



  • Guidelines for the distribution of roles between the Purchasing department and operation department.

  • Expression of needs, budget estimation, description of  specification and relationship with architect management.

  • Definition of the purchasing strategy, challenge specifications and need, trends, scheduling, request for quotation documents, tenders management, offers prices management market analysis & negotiation Day to day follow up management with valuable customers for the placing of order Evaluation of service provided, improvement orientations




Sales Closing & Financial Management:


  • After the closing of sales every month Supply Chain Department prepare  Master Sheet of Stocks  inventory for  all distributors of Pakistan .

  • After the discussion of  required financials for the next month & approval of top management  all inventories sheets  send to the business partners (distributors).


Stock Inventory:


  • According to company policy all business partners  (distributors) have to maintain 60- days inventory.

  • All inventories will be dispatched in One-Go, after transfer the payments according to inventory values to the company banks accounts.

  • After receipt of payments from distributors as accounts department  confirm the same accounts then Gate Pass will be issued.


Store & Logistics:


  • Stores & Logistics department shall take the Gate Pass from accounts/distribution  manager  and all stocks/tins will be scanned one by one and will be entered in the computer as well as one slip will be pasted at master carton/box.

  •  After the scanning process stores/logistic department dispatch the stocks to the destination of  distributors , as they have all kind of records (name/address/tel. number of distributors)

  • After dispatch of stocks Stores/Logistics  department  hand over all Transport receipts to distribution manager

  • Distribution manager up date  to all business partners about the arrival of stocks at their destination and day to day strongly keep in touch. If any problem created by Goods transport  then logistic department  take up the matter  and  resolve the matter and up date to business partners.




1.) Date from the starting of distribution agreement

2.) Area/jurisdiction will be mentioned very clearly

3.) All the demands of distribution stock will be entertained on full (not by parts) advance payment basis till 2nd working day of each month.

4.) Distributor have to keep the inventory level maintained for 45 Days according to the monthly liquidation of the goods.

5.) Distributor will be entitled to have a Trade Discount of 7% on all products of Safi Impex.

6.) Distributor will supply the stock to retailers and wholesalers (must not exceed 20% of your retail sales) of your area only.

7.) If the Sales Statement is not correct and the Sales Team gets incentive on its behalf

then distributor will be held responsible and will be liable to return that amount to the company.

8.) You are not allowed to let our field force hand carry any stock from your distribution setup.

9.) No extra discount is allowed in market without prior approval from Head Office, otherwise no such claim will be entertained.

10.)You will inform the company about the stock, 6 months prior to expiry date;  otherwise expired stocks will not be accepted & adjusted.

11.) All the stock supply & transport Bilty expenses will be paid by Safi Impex itself. Therefore, you cannot claim for these expenses. You will make sure to send bilty claims each month end before closing.

12.) Stock would be delivered to you between 1 to 10 days after receiving payment.

13) All stocks will be dispatched after scanned system & each tins & cartons have scanned with the tin number, batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date & region/area name in our computer to avoid infiltration problems. So, distributor will be responsible if any stocks will find any other areas.

 14.) Distributor will maintain a file of Daily Sales Statements (Hard Copies) for the convenience, in case any of our concerned person visits your office.

15.) Distributor must forward Sales & Stock Statement + area wise sale report on daily basis through fax or email. (Email:

16.) In case Company introduces New Product, the following procedure will be  adopted.

a-) Stocks will be dispatched to the distributor as per target accepted by the concerned Field Force, keeping in view the potential of the territory.

b-) If the stock will not be liquidated within 03 months, company will ask you to return the excessive stock.

17) A thirty (30) Days written notice will be served by either of the parties so  that the stocks of the distributor can be liquidated without any financial loss or  otherwise, company will be responsible to collect the stock from distributor.

18.) The remaining payables due on company will be returned through DD in favor of your Distribution Setup Name.

19.) Safi Impex reserves all the rights to modify any of the agreement clauses or guidelines e.g. bringing territorial changes, appointing new distributors etc. at its own prudence.

20.) All questions, disputes and differences as and when arise during the business agreement will be settled with mutual consent.

Director Accounts

Muhammad Saeed

Business Unit Manager

(Sales & Supply Chain Department)

Mob: +92-300-4279731