1.  What is the Slogan of FASSKA?



2. What is meant by controlled energy level? Comment.



3. Follow up milk formula is for which category of babies? Name the product you market for such  category ?



4. Which products of FASSKA do you market for the treatment of disorders?



5. What is the marketing edge of Biomil LF and why?



6. LC-PUFA stands for?



7. FOS stands for? What does it indicate?



8. How can you differentiate Lactose intolerance from Normal Digestion?



9. State any two marketing edges of LADYMIL.




10. How is Selenium important in the growth of children?



11. What is the abbreviation of ESPGHAN?



12. Mention your biggest strength as a sales person

 Safi impex offers a large selection of products: infant milk formulas, special infant milk formulas, infant cereals and special adult formulas. These products are successfully marketed throughout the world by a network of Exclusive Agents specialized in nutrition in the pharmaceutical field.

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